Best Rum – Taste Tested

Image Source : BBC Good Food   It's great to see some Caribbean rums on this list, but hardly surprising. There are a number that I've never heard of and maybe I should give them a try. When in Rome and all that! Check out the article from BBC Good Food (link below) and read … Continue reading Best Rum – Taste Tested


Earthworks – a delight of the island

Wherever you are in Barbados I would guess that you're not too far away from a piece of pottery from Earthworks. Yes, you will all have seen it; fired red clay decorated with strong designs and bold colours. Hand made and hand finished. Very eye catching. When I first arrived in Barbados I saw it everywhere, … Continue reading Earthworks – a delight of the island

Tastebuds – Primo Bar & Bistro, St Lawrence Gap

We have a bucket list of restaurants in Barbados and this one made it to the top as we'd heard many good things about it. I made the reservation on-line, marked it on the calendar and looked forward to the day arriving. We were not disappointed, as this is the best restaurant that we’ve been … Continue reading Tastebuds – Primo Bar & Bistro, St Lawrence Gap

Oversight – the printed word

Image Credit: Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos In the words of Sir Paul McCartney and in "this ever-changing world in which we live in" the power and attraction of the printed word is all to often overlooked. As we continue to move more and more towards tablets and e-readers (and other new devices that I can't even imagine), … Continue reading Oversight – the printed word

One of my favourite chill out spots – Pebbles Beach, Carlisle Bay

On the south-western coast of Barbados, languishing in the stunning Carlisle Bay and nestled between the Hilton Resort and Radisson Aquatica Resort is the charming Pebbles Beach. It's rapidly become one of my favourite beach spots due to the beautiful white sands, licked by the calm, crystal clear, aquamarine waters of the Caribbean sea. For those who … Continue reading One of my favourite chill out spots – Pebbles Beach, Carlisle Bay