When in Barbados…..

Happy Friday everybody. Enjoy the weekend!


Earthworks – a delight of the island

Wherever you are in Barbados I would guess that you're not too far away from a piece of pottery from Earthworks. Yes, you will all have seen it; fired red clay decorated with strong designs and bold colours. Hand made and hand finished. Very eye catching. When I first arrived in Barbados I saw it everywhere, … Continue reading Earthworks – a delight of the island

A Novel Idea – not exactly a book, but an interview with Paul Auster

In a candid interview at the Guardian, author Paul Auster — who turns 70 next month — discusses his breadth of work over the decades, American life and politics in the age of Trump, and his new novel, 4321, which he refers to as the biggest book of his life. via Paul Auster: ‘I Feel Utterly … Continue reading A Novel Idea – not exactly a book, but an interview with Paul Auster

Oversight – the printed word

Image Credit: Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos In the words of Sir Paul McCartney and in "this ever-changing world in which we live in" the power and attraction of the printed word is all to often overlooked. As we continue to move more and more towards tablets and e-readers (and other new devices that I can't even imagine), … Continue reading Oversight – the printed word

Jumping barefoot in to 2017….

So 2016 finally comes to an end. It's been a challenging year for me, driven primarily by having lived in three countries during the year and needing to get my cat safely transported between each of them; not an easy task with the amount of paperwork involved and the chance that she might get sick as a … Continue reading Jumping barefoot in to 2017….