Doing the Barbados walk

On the south coast of Barbados is a wonderful boardwalk that offers a 20 minutes stroll (or 10-11 minute quick walk) along the ocean’s edge from Accra to Camelot. The sights and sounds of the ocean are delightful and relaxing, and if you time it right you get to witness the amazing sunrise and/or sunset on this beautiful island.
It’s a community. You always meet people to chat with or at least share a ‘good day’ nod and a smile. A walk along the boardwalk fills me with optimism for the day and week ahead. It’s a breath of fresh air, quite literally, and combined with a short meditation session it’s the perfect start to the day.

You’ll see so many different people using it, from walkers and joggers through to elderly, wheelchair bound and less-abled. Tourists and locals alike enjoy what it has to offer and you will see people of all ages passing some time down there. Whether you’re looking for a place to exercise (you’ll often see bootcamps set up on the shores, or open water swimming groups crashing through the waves), a relaxing place to take a stroll, a quiet place for contemplation or even a spot to eat your lunch next to the ocean, why not head down there and check it out. You can also rest a while and enjoy a coffee or a cocktail in one of the many bars and cafes along the way.

Opened in 2012 by the Hon. Freundel J Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados, there were initially concerns about the potential environmental impact the boardwalk may have on the beaches, reefs and marine habitat, not to mention the opinion of the local homeowners along the proposed route. I wasn’t here when all this debate was going on, but I believe that the conclusion was to make the boardwalk shorter than originally proposed, and then the construction went ahead. Regardless of the debates and outcomes, the boardwalk is now there for everybody to enjoy and it’s a popular little spot.

I walk from Accra to Camelot in the mornings and have the warming sun on my back the whole way, great for photo opportunities. Turn a corner and around a bend and there you have it, those wonderful long shadows stretched out on the boardwalk or golden sands. I haven’t captured too many photographs of the shadows, but this challenge has inspired me. Watch this space for more updates.


via Photo Challenge: Shadow


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