Stop, review and refresh

Being sick is just the worst, and when you’re sick with a stomach bug that drains you of your energy, your appetite and your motivation it’s hard to get going again. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been fighting a stomach bug for over a week now. The most excitement I’ve had is eating a slice of toast (seriously) and making great steps towards my weight loss goal for 2017 (not to be recommended). But every situation has a silver lining and I’ve tried hard to find this one, so here goes.
The intention of my blog was to share the experiences of my move to Barbados. I hoped to post some exciting articles about the island, whilst also exploring and sharing my love of food and books. Some of this I have done, most certainly the food and book piece, and I will continue to do. However, on reflection, where’s the Barbados piece? Where is the life on this island, the adventure and the opportunities it has to offer? Lost. Lost in the structure of my blog. Creating any post takes time and I’ve devoted that time to books and food, leaving little time or energy for other things. So, stop, review and refresh! Sixkness or not, let’s get back on track.

You don’t have to be in Barbados to make a Madhur Jaffrey vegetarian curry (as amazing as they are) but you do have to be in Barbados to experience the hunt for certain foods in the grocery store. I’m not only talking the niche and unique, but sometimes buying a tomato or onion is a challenge! 

So here my blog will take a turn, hopefully for the better. I’d be interested in your thoughts, comments and contributions. 

Wishing you all a happy Monday and great week!

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