Tastebuds – Primo Bar & Bistro, St Lawrence Gap

We have a bucket list of restaurants in Barbados and this one made it to the top as we’d heard many good things about it. I made the reservation on-line, marked it on the calendar and looked forward to the day arriving.

We were not disappointed, as this is the best restaurant that we’ve been to on the island, and would give any fine dining restaurant around the globe a run for it’s money.

Located in St. Lawrence Gap on the South Coast, you are treated to an amazing sight as you approach the restaurant, as the setting sun throws a unique amber glow on the bay and the restaurant itself.

On arrival we were given a very warm welcome and made to feel totally at home, before being shown to the lounge where we enjoyed an aperitif before taking our table. The bar is casual, eclectic and understated, whilst at the same time very cozy and welcoming. It’s an internal room, but very light and airy. We ordered a ginger margarita and vodka martini, and agreed that we had made the right choice. Both were very light and refreshing, and a great way to kick off our evening. We decided to finish our drinks at the table and were shown to a delightful table for two, overlooking the bay, and where the chairs are positioned so that both guests have an interrupted view of the ocean and shoreline.

In addition to the extensive and mouth-watering menu, there are specials and a catch of the day. I was sold on the tuna and salmon sashimi and my partner ordered the local asparagus, served on baked brie in puff pastry and a roasted pepper hollandaise and topped with smoked marlin. Amazing! All the fish was wonderfully fresh, served with extremely complementary accompaniments and beautifully presented.

For main course I ordered the seafood sampler plate, comprising pan-fried spice-rubbed fish, scallops, steamed mussels and chilli prawns served on a bed of vegetable Israel couscous. It was perfectly cooked and was just the right amount to ensure you were comfortably satisfied, without being overly full. My partner ordered the seared scallops, which we deliciously sweet and served with leek, roasted garlic and potato puree, topped with wilted spinach, lentils and white truffle oil. We shared a dessert of pecan pie with vanilla ice-cream and whilst not being a dessert person I could have happily have eaten the whole thing, given half the chance.

Accompanied by a lovely bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc and wrapped up with a couple of decaf expresso, we were in heaven.

We both agreed that it was the best food that we had eaten on the island and the best meal that we had eaten in a long time. 10/10 for location, ambience, service, drinks and food.

Top of our list and we can’t wait to go back.

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