2017 Reading Challenge


This year I intend to populate my blog at a higher rate than in 2016, and just a few days in to the year I’m already finding that writing is taking up more and more of my time. In addition, I’m taking a distance learning course with the British College of Journalism that, when successfully completed, will see me receive a Diploma of Freelance Journalism and my very own International News Syndicate Media Pass. How exciting! I’m only a couple of weeks in to the course and that is also taking up much of my time, but it will be well worth the investment I am sure. If you’re interested to hear more about it, follow the link below:

However, I don’t want to ramp up my writing at the expense of my reading and I’m looking at ways to keep the balance. My 2017 Reading Challenge is to read at least two books per month. It could be a tall order, so to keep myself on track I’ve identified a couple of activities to pursue:

  1. Join a book club
  2. Set up my own book club in Barbados to bring people together and help me build networks and establish friendships within the community


So, I’ve joined a book club, but the frequency and attendance seems to be patchy and I’m thinking that I will need to depend very much on my own motivations if I am to come anywhere close to achieving my 2017 Reading Challenge.

I’m currently updating my reading list on Goodreads, and will use it to track and monitor my reading achievements. It can’t make me read more or more quickly, but will it will hopefully help steer me in the right direction.

Setting up a book club is a work in progress. I’m working with a friend in Canada to implement this in the first half of the year. It’s a very exciting venture and will be supported by a website and on-line tools. The development is well underway, but I’ll save the detail until the core site goes live in a few months.

Why not set yourself some reading goals and share them here? Writing and sharing your goals can often help you keep sight of them, and as a result you are more likely to meet them. Other people also encourage us to achieve our goals and to keep going when it looks like we may not succeed – sometimes we all need a little encouragement.

Whatever your goals, keep reading and sharing with others!






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