Dancing in the Moonlight


This morning I had to be up early, so early that the sun was still tucked up in its bed and I decided to drive down to the beach to see the horses having their early morning bath in the moonlight.

I’d heard, and seen on the webcam (see link below, available via the Paddle Barbados website), that the horses stabled nearby at the Garrison Savannah are brought down to Pebbles Beach each morning to bathe in the wonderful waters and shake off their sleep from the night before. They come down a few at a time, and during the 10 minutes that I was there, there was a steady stream of around 10-12 horses and I passed a couple more on their way down as I was heading back to the car.

I’m assuming that they are all racehorses or maybe even polo horses, as they are all incredibly lean, well looked after and some, as you would imagine, a little highly strung. Whilst many were happy to be led in to the cool waters, a couple visibly stamped their feet and gave their guides a hard time, before reluctantly dipping their hooves.

The pictures don’t do the sight justice (I blame poor light!) and I’ll try and get some better shots to update this post. However, you can find many photos and videos on the internet, and if you’re anywhere in the area as the moon is starting to disappear and the sun is beginning to rise I would recommend checking it out for yourself.






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