A Novel Idea – The Reader on the 6.27, by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent

Image Source: http://www.goodreads.com

Are you all aboard? Then let French author Jean-Paul Didierlaurent take you on a journey.

A little about the book; Guylain Vignolles has a mundane life, one friend, a goldfish called Rouget de Lisle, and a mundane job in a book pulping factory, but that job allows him live out his one pleasure in life.

During his journey on the 6.27 train each day, he reads aloud from the pages that he has rescued from the mechanical monster that is the pulping machine. The other passengers wait for him to begin, and stop and listen to the tales that he recites.

One day he finds a flash-drive, containing the diary of Julie; a lonely young woman who also appears to be lost in the world. She’s looking for more from her dreary life, a feeling which resonates with Guylain. It is here, that a new tale unwinds and a new journey begins.

I found it such an engaging book, written in a way that makes is so attractive to read and read and read. I could not put it down and consumed it rapidly. A story of loneliness and love it brings alive those train journeys and conjures up so many images in your head as you yourself turn the pages. You’re almost there, on the 6.27, listening to Guylain.

Through his love of books he falls in love with a young woman and seeks to find her. Julie is a public lavatory attendant, and with the help of his only friend (excepting Rouget de Lisle) he tracks her down and a new adventure begins.

It’s a very simple story line, but one which goes a long way due to the talent of the author. It may be a little predictable, but it’s also quirky and jolly and I found myself falling deeper and deeper in to it.

A great little book!




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