Jumping barefoot in to 2017….


So 2016 finally comes to an end.

It’s been a challenging year for me, driven primarily by having lived in three countries during the year and needing to get my cat safely transported between each of them; not an easy task with the amount of paperwork involved and the chance that she might get sick as a result of the stress (thankfully that only happened on one occasion). We are now both comfortably settled in Barbados.

It’s also been a very sad year when you consider the number of legends that have died during 2016. I read somewhere recently that David Bowie (my personal legend, hero and inspiration) is creating his own, superior, parallel universe and taking all the best people with him. I like to believe that this is true, and what a world it would be!

david-bowie-shhhImage Source: FACT Magazine


One of my key 2017 objectives is to establish my life in Barbados and make connections and friendships with like minded people, preferably face to face. Interaction and communication with other people is hugely important to us, and the more we develop ourselves using only digital formats and social media the more we create the risk of becoming insular and losing any sense of community. If anybody in Barbados has any ideas as to how to build such a network, I would be happy to hear from you, and in the meantime I will be investigating ways in which I can develop those communities. My first venture will be a book club; watch this space!

I wish you all a wonderful 2017, wherever you may be spending it and what ever you may be doing. Bring it on!

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