The Hummingbird


This amazingly beautiful hummingbird flew in to the house today, and for some reason was unable to find his way out. He made his way upstairs, and I opened all the windows and door to the balcony in the hope that he could find an exit. I went to check on him a while later and saw that he was still in the room and was now sitting quietly on the floor. When I tried to move him towards the door, he took off again. His flight was short lived and he dropped to the floor; the poor thing was exhausted.

He let me pick him up and move him to the balcony, see the photo above, and even then he didn’t have the energy to fly away. He hopped in to the tree nearby and sat there, with his eyes half closing.


He didn’t look in good shape so I ran downstairs and grabbed some sugar water that I’d prepared for the feeder. Tipping a small amount in to a shallow bowl I rushed back up to find that he was still sat in the same place in the tree. I plucked him out, still no struggle, and dipped the tip of his beak in to the bowl. At first he was reluctant to drink and just laid his head down. I think he then got a sniff of the sugar and began to take it in quite quickly.



With the precious nectar on board he was happy to sit in my hand until his strength returned; when he hopped back on to the tree and started to look much more alert. I left him with the bowl and went downstairs to give him some time to recover. When I went back up a few minutes later, he’d recovered his strength and had taken off to join his buddies.


It’s not often you get close to a hummingbird, and I guess it’s even less common to handle one. We both got lucky today! Fly high and safe little guy.

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