Tastebuds – honest restaurant reviews based on my personal experience

My objective for this blog is to share many aspects of my new life here in Barbados, ranging from books to food to travels and exploring the island. Whilst I love to cook and will be sharing my favourite recipes through weekly posts under the ‘Foodie Friday’ strap-line, I also love to eat! Hence the introduction of this ‘Tastebuds’ series of posts.

The island has many fine dining restaurants and many, many more mid-range restaurants and local cafes. My intent with ‘Tastebuds’ is to provide a review of the wonderful restaurants, of all levels, that we visit. These posts won’t run to a weekly schedule, as my waistline won’t allow for that, but I hope to publish the reviews frequently, with at least one or two each month.

I hope you enjoy the reviews, and hope that you visit one or some of the restaurants that appeal to you. If you have a favourite restaurant on the island that you would like me to feature, please leave a comment below or in any future posts. Alternatively, you can comment on my my Facebook page (@barefootinbados) or Twitter (@barefootbados).

Coming soon! Watch this space for the first Tastebuds review; Champers, Christchurch.


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