Funday Sunday – Clay Pigeon Shooting

This Sunday was definitely a funday. It’s always good to get out and meet new people and have new experiences. This weekend was exactly that, when we were invited to the Barbados Clay Target Shooting Association’s Christmas lunch combined with an introductory clay pigeon shooting lesson.

The association is a members only club, and you need to be introduced by a current member or committee member (my partners’ colleague made our introductions) in order to visit or join.

I’ve only shot a gun once before, which was part of an arranged shoot with my Bucket List Toronto buddies back in Canada. This was a different experience again for me, as we were shooting with double barrel shotguns, and obviously shooting outdoors, where there is enough room for the ‘birds’ and ‘rabbits’ to roam freely. I must point out that no animals were harmed in this weekend activity and all birds and rabbits are of the clay variety.

I hadn’t realised the variety of shots. From single ‘birds’ to crossing ‘birds (two shot simultaneously from different directions) and also ‘birds’ in the air coming directly towards you (my favourite, as you have to track the ‘bird’ and wait until it almost comes to a standstill, at the point when it would start to land). We were also introduced to ‘rabbits’ which come in from the left and right and literally bounce along the floor, that was also a fun one, and one of the most challenging.

I can’t say that I was a natural, but I did have around a 50% success rate. However, I was sadly overshadowed by my friend who must have taken out around 80% of his targets. ‘Never fired a shotgun before!’ he said, I have my doubts!

Amazing, and with a really good, calm and patient instructor (half Canadian, from Toronto and sporting his Blue Jays cap with pride) it was such a great experience. I’m hungry for more!

Maybe next time I’ll try my hand at the pistols or hand guns (I admit to not having the correct terminology) as the alleys were still a bit soggy this weekend from the recent rains.

Oh yes, I mentioned Christmas lunch, and the food was amazing. A total Barbadian Christmas spread apparently and some of the tastiest food I’ve had since being here. There were some great vegetarian options, from Macaroni Pie, Corn Pie, Pigeon Peas (I’ve only just got the pun in this one) and the best Channa curry I’ve tasted. Hats off to the chefs.

For me, life is about broadening your horizons and trying new things. It’s doesn’t matter how good you are, but get out there and it a try. You never know, you may get bitten by that bug (and I’m not talking mosquitoes). I can’t guarantee you won’t have a little bit of bruising to the shoulder, but well worth it. Happy days!

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