Finally here…


I set up this blog to capture my experiences following my move to Barbados, with a focus on travel, food and books. It seems a long time between setting it up and finally arriving in Barbados, but we are finally here! I say we as myself and my cat join my partner who arrived a few months ahead of us. We arrived on 8th November (should have been the 7th, see below) but the last two weeks have been a whirlwind and I am only just getting round to putting pen to paper; so to speak.

So here’s a little summary of where we’re up to and I hope to begin posting regularly from now on. What better way to spend an afternoon than staring at blue skies and writing a few words for other people to read and hopefully enjoy?

Our flight was scheduled for Monday 7th November, and the challenge to have all my cat’s paperwork in order by that date was something that I wouldn’t like to go through again (more on that another time as I will share my experiences in the hope that it can help others who are mad enough to consider transporting a domestic animal from the UK to Barbados). So there we are, cat dropped at cargo four hours before take off and we walk to the gate. They check my passport and pull me aside. What the? So, long story short, there is no heat in the hold and my cat can’t fly on that flight. What?? Notified at the 11th hour, just as we are about to step on to the plane. The options are to leave her in the UK on her own and she’ll come out the following day or off load myself and my luggage and spend the night in a Gatwick hotel so that she travels with me. Well, I can recommend the Bloc hotel in Gatwick if you’re ever looking for a bed at short notice! So the next day we board and take off, my cat having spent more than 24 hours in the cargo centre and animal welfare area, and finally we land in Barbados a day later than expected. I collect my luggage, head through immigration where I meet my partner, and we’re finally reunited with our cat in the animal arrival centre. Paperwork all in order, fees paid and we finally head home.

Lola ready for the off, only she had to wait another 24 hours before that actually happened…


Needless to say the additional stress caused some medical issues and despite eating a small amount when we arrived, she quickly vomited and would not eat or drink absolutely anything. I syringed food and water in to her for the first 24 hours and then decided a trip to the vet was the only option (thankfully I’d registered with a recommended practice before we left the UK). Consultations, examinations, blood work, x-rays, acupuncture and an overnight stay at the vets followed, and they eventually diagnosed inflammatory bowel disease. We finally took her home with some homeopathic meds and a 15 day course of liquid steroids. Once the steroids kicked in, she slowly began to eat again. She also set a new trend in kitten mittens. Not her best look, and she didn’t approve, but was too sick to care!


Finally the steroids kicked in and she began to eat, having lost quite a few pounds; that as a 7/8lb cat she couldn’t afford to lose.

So here we are, two weeks in to our time in Barbados and only just getting in to a rhythm and beginning to enjoy the experience. Lola seems to be doing just fine and is getting ready for what this new experience has to offer her! More posts to follow.


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