Barbados in West Sussex?

I’m preparing to move to Barbados in November and in between all the masses of paperwork and planning (have you ever taken a cat from the UK to Barbados??) I’m enjoying catching up with old friends. 

This weekend I enjoyed a couple of walks, tea, cake and a BBQ with friends. 

Starting at the Cowdray Estate, West Sussex and situated at the heart of the beautiful South Downs National Park, we spent some time in the farm shop with its amazing deli and butchery (I could have spent all day in their, but we had other things to do). With a selection of cheeses, biscuits and quince jelly in hand we headed to the cafe for home made cakes and tea; served by the wonderful Kate, my friends’ daughter. 

We walked around the estate and the ruins of the country house (seriously destroyed by a fire some time ago). After bumping in to some friends walking their dogs, we unexpectedly came across this sign.

Who’d have thought Barbados would come to West Sussex? Apparently it’s a polo club from the Island and I’m not sure if they were visiting or just partnering in their advertising. If you know, please let me know via the comments. Apparently Apes Hill Club counts polo as one of its many activities. Located in St James, Barbados, it’s not too far from where I will live and I’m definitely going to pop in. Watching a polo match is on my bucket list and I’m looking forward to ticking it off.

After our walk it was back to the house for a BBQ dinner, accompanied by freshly picked, home grown veggies from the garden (and also some donated by the lovely next door neighbour and left on the door step when we were out). Loving to cook, I had to get stuck in and tackled a kohl rabi slaw with apple, which was really quite delicious.

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday; I had a blast. Thanks to Colin, Fiona and Kate for their wonderful hospitality and friendship over the years. We should do it again soon, maybe in Barbados!

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