How to beat the rip…

I hear a lot about rips in and around Barbados and have spoken to a couple of people who have experienced them. I’m not a strong swimmer and the idea of being unexpectedly caught in one scared me and seriously puts me off going too far out in to the water.

Rather than avoiding things through fear, I believe that education is key and decided to look for information and advice on how to deal with such a situation if it were to arise. 

There is so much information out there, a lot of which is so technical I lose interest half way through (I’m very impatient!). That was until I found the following article on fb, explaining things in very simple terms; and the photographs are so helpful. 

I would normally look for the calmer waters when entering the water and now know that this isn’t the best approach.

A big shout out goes to Kenny Jewel, a guitarist and adventurer and former surf life saver, for this great article that I feel the need to share. I see from his fb that the article went viral and that there are many organisations now sharing this information. 

Click the link below to read:

Kenny Jewel (Facebook Dec 2015)

2 thoughts on “How to beat the rip…

  1. I’m not a big water fan myself. Went kayaking this past summer for the first time, my husband thought it funny to poke my thin vessel with his oar repeatedly. I thought it hilarious when he was nearly run over by a giant catamaran. 😉

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