Blue skies, sunshine and palm trees…

I’m new to blogging and looking for every opportunity to expand my knowledge and technical skills. I’m following the Daily Post and decided to take up their one word prompt challenge. The word? Mistake. Hmm! Yes, it might have been just that, as I have no idea where to start. Here goes…

This morning I went for my daily walk (back problems mean that I can’t run at the moment, so walking is as active as I get) and was as usual so impressed by the amazing blue skies and fine clouds (I never did learn the names of cloud formations, but that’s never held me back).


It was early on a Sunday morning and people hadn’t got themselves up and out yet. It’s so pleasant to walk around and have all these amazing visual delights of the Island to yourself. The sun was up, but not as strong and bright as it is during the day, and some of the palm trees were still enjoying the coolness created by the shade of the larger trees nearby.


There was sun on the little bridge, which sits closely nestled next to the cool, calm water, with the colour of the beautiful flowers framing the shot.


So then it was time to go home, things to be done!

Did I mention that these photos weren’t taken in beautiful Barbados, but in a London park? I don’t think that I did.

My mistake!



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