Brain food…

Arrived home from Little Good Harbour Hotel with very little food in the fridge and a freezer full of food that needed at least a few hours to defrost (things defrost quickly in this climate). Fish, quick thawing and tasty. What to go with it? We could go with a standard rice or pasta dish; the easy option. Or we can choose something from the larder and plan a dish around that. Opened the cupboard and there was a glut of kidney beans, not the best with fish. Now, chickpeas; that’s a different story. A quick scan of Pinterest and before I know it there is a middle eastern chickpea casserole bubbling away on the hob. Pop the fish on top and let it steam for 10 mins and voila! Wonderful marlin steaks with middle eastern chickpea casserole. Pretty tasty and so easy to prepare!

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