A little piece of paradise…

I’ve been quiet on here for a couple of days as life on the island is just so hectic! LOL 

We decided to head ALL the way up to the North West of the Island (all 28km and 35 minutes drive!) and spend a night at the Little Good Harbour Hotel in Clinketts, St Lucy. The hotel is the sister hotel to The Atlantis in Bathsheba where we stayed a couple of weeks ago, and in my opinion is the bigger and better looking of the siblings. The rooms are beautifully appointed cottages in well kept gardens, split level palaces with tasteful decor and great facilities. We fell in love with the place as soon as we checked in. Just look at the photos below and you’ll understand why.

You see what I mean!

A gorgeous boutique hotel in a quiet fishing village. Idyllic. They own the restaurant across the road, The Fish Pot, which had been featured on the in flight promo of Barbados when I travelled over; it had also been recommended by a couple of people locally. Of course we had to try it. We were not disappointed. After a nifty little vodka martini and glass of champagne at the table our amazing starters arrived. The menu has a lot of fish as you would imagine, but also has a good meat selection and a number of vegetarian options. An impressive menu that made for a difficult decision for both of us. After a lengthy process, during which the pre-dinner drinks had almost been consumed we finally made our choices. For starter I went for the octopus (totally delicious) and Tim had the crispy squid (equally delicious). My main had to be the seared tuna, barely cooked and as tender as you like, served with a side of gratinated potatoes. I know that they don’t really go with rare tuna, but they are something I can rarely avoid on a menu. Tim opted for the seasoned scallops served with garlic and thyme mash (although I did share my much loved and tasty potatoes with him). Tim had room for dessert and the apple pie was calling his name. Absolutely no disappointment in the food area, and the service was also excellent. All accompanied by a cheeky New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (there is no other Sauvignon Blanc in my opinion) and followed up with a decaf espresso and Mount Gay XO. We rolled out of the restaurant and began the 1 minute walk to the hotel (out of one door, cross the road, and in to the hotel!). Such exertion!

What a wonderful evening; followed by a delightful breakfast in the same restaurant with stunning views of the sandy beach and calm ocean. The food was delightful and a little different from the regular fare. Tim opted for the cherry tomatoes, mushroom and mozzarella on toast, whilst I plumped for the home made vegetable quiche. I have no photos of the food this time (I can hear the audible sigh of relief from some of you) just the views and the amazing beach, but I can confirm it was every bit as good as dinner the previous evening.

If you’re ever in the area I can highly recommend a visit to the restaurant and a stay in this wonderful hotel. It’s already decided that this is where we will spend my Birthday weekend. Can’t wait. And this post wouldn’t be complete without a few more shots of that stunning beach vista. 

Until next time, adieu!

3 thoughts on “A little piece of paradise…

    1. For me, Fish Pot has the upper hand, but that’s just my opinion and everybody has different tastes. You can get XO anywhere and anybody on the island should have a bottle camped in their freezer! Surely you do? Already booked to go back in December and can’t wait.

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