Not the traditional Sunday roast….

Sunday, what to cook for dinner? As usual my meal choice now starts with a trip to the grocery store to see what’s available. No point in considering lobster thermidor when the store only has frozen fish fingers! This meal started with some lovely looking local carrots that I spotted (never seen before and may never seen again!) and that gave me the idea for a roast. I still had the long hunted for cauliflower in the fridge with the heirloom potatoes that were purchased on a whim in the event that the store would run out and we’d be on rations! LOL. So roast it was. 

The meat can be hit and miss, depending which store you go to; some is difficult to determine what animal it came from )as you can imagine I avoid that big time) and with much of the chicken being halal (I refuse to buy) it can be a little tricky. But then I spotted a whole, marinated jerk chicken. Now that has got to be worth a try. 

I spatchcocked the chicken; is that how you say it? To spatchcock? Not sure. Anyway, that’s what I did and popped it in the oven. Par boiled the veggies and dropped them in a roasting pan and voila! 45 minutes later we had this little lot. I rustled up a gravy with the juices from the chicken and we were ready to go. 

As you can see from the photos, we didn’t like it one bit. We managed to eat the whole lot, and as there was probably enough for a family of four that was quite some challenge. Challenge completed!

Jerk chicken roast dinner! Delicious!

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