When in Rome….

…. do as the Romans do. Which in Barbados can only mean drink rum! And why not?

Having a few free hours one day and seeing some heavy grey clouds in the sky we decided to head over to the Mount Gay Rum distillery over in Bridgetown. 

The tour was informative, and supported with a video it takes you through 300+ years history of Mount Gay Rum. I learned that rum is made from molasses and in this instance the finest Barbadian molasses, known in the early days as ‘Black Gold’ due to the additional revenue it created (the molasses was previously a discarded by product of the sugar industry).

The fermentation and distillation happens at the plant up in St Lucy (in the north of the island) and is transported to Bridgetown for blending, which sounds like a very technical craft (more judgement that science). Allen Smith oversees the blending and it’s his name that you’ll see on the bottles.

Included in the tour were many tastings (not that great if you’re the designated driver like Tim!) and for a total of BDS$20 it was definitely good value for money. We had three tastings during the tour (Eclipse, Black Barrel and XO) and another two in the bar (Silver and Mauby Rum). The Mauby Rum is a new one and is only available on the Island, and is made from adding Mauby bark to the rum which delivers a real citrus and clove flavour. Yummy!

Whilst Silver, Eclipse and Mauby are destined to be mixed with soft drinks like coke, ginger beer and fruit juices, Black Barrel and XO are sipping rums. Designed to be served neat and chilled (best kept in the freezer) they are a great post dinner drink. Of course they taste even better when served from a Mount Gay wooden tray! Maybe not, but it sure looks good. 

Definitely worth a visit and a good experience for visiting friends and family.

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