Crazy cat lady…..

Having loved the time that I spent volunteering with North Toronto Cat Rescue in Canada I was looking for volunteering opportunities for when I move to Barbados later in 2016. Having visited the RSPCA last time I was here I opted to work with these guys. It’s a non-profit organization who’s funds are limited, but all the same they do an amazing job to rescue and rehome animals in the community. We dropped off some food last time I was here and today we called in again to take some more cat food, cats toys and of course to have an excuse to play with some of those sweet kitties.

The quarantine area houses some new residents including what looks like a Mum and kittens who look no more than a week old. The poor Mum looks no more than a kitten herself and hopefully a home can be found for this sweet girl and her babies.

The cats and kittens loved the toys and I wanted to share some of the photos with you. Check out these guys, and if you know somebody who lives in Barbados please share this post and let’s see if we can help some of these guys find loving homes of their own.

Fingers crossed!

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