If the mozzies don’t get you…..

So despite layering myself with three different types of mozzie repellant I have still been eaten alive. I react pretty severely and as a result my legs look like the surface of the moon; I will spare you the photographs! To add insult to injury I am sat on the patio this evening, minding my own business (with a pre-dinner rum and coke, of course, it’s compulsory in this part of the world. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!) when a wasp on his last legs comes buzzing in. He was flying upside down and all over the place and then flying at speed about an inch above the floor. So Tim, who’s applying some mozzie spray has the ‘great’ idea to spray the wasp. Yes, great idea! He doesn’t spray it once or twice, but three times. Spraying an already crazy wasp with insect repellant isn’t going to kill it, but as I point out in a high pitched voice ‘it is going to really piss it off’. Yep, that’s exactly what it does, and then some. The wasp, out of its mind, dive bombs me and lands on the front of my strappy dress (this is Barbados after all and despite a rainy day it’s still 33 degrees). I freak and try to get it off. I thought I’d done a great job and try and find where the poor thing landed. No wasp! WTF? I flap about with my dress. No wasp. WTF? I stand up and wave my dress around like a crazy woman and the wasp falls out of the bottom. I didn’t feel any sting, but Tim is very clear what will happen to him tomorrow if I wake up covered in lumps and hives. 

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