Cooking challenge….

So I knew that grocery shopping was going to be a challenge as it is an island after all and fresh produce is limited. However, I had thought that imports, although expensive would be more available. Tim had told me that he bought locally grown cherry tomatoes in his first few weeks and they hadn’t had them in stock ever since. I was beginning to think he’d made this up as the cherry tomato has managed to elude me during my time here; that was until this week when we walked in to the store and there was a wall of the shiny red jewels. Happy with our find we bought a box – delightful! That was until we were running low and on our latest visit to the same supermarket they had sold out totally. Not a single one to be had. Not even local, large tomatoes (usually more green than red). Deflated! Note to self: next time buy two boxes. 

Our plans were to go out this evening so I hadn’t prepared for dinner. At the last minute we decided that we wanted to eat in after all having had an exhausting day at the beach! Off we go to the supermarket….

Thankfully I had some larder provisions at home and the obligatory cheese in the fridge. Otherwise dinner may very well have been take away pizza! I had all the ingredients for @SabrinaGhayour recipe of wholegrain basmati rice and Greek style salad (see photo) and with the left over quinoa salad (see previous post and photos) we had enough side dishes, which is just as well as I only just managed to bag the last three red onions after reading the sign that advised ‘no more onions until next week’. Stuffed chicken wrapped in ham is the protein to accompany our tasty treats. Woohoo! A whole meal.

Unnerved by the tomato situation and worried that we may face a similar calamity at a later date, we scoured the shelves for trinkets available today, but unlikely to be seen again anytime soon. So now we are the proud owners of a bag of heirloom style potatoes, a Broccoflower (think green cauliflower – I’ve been looking for cauliflower every day for more than a week and had to bag this little beauty, regardless of the price) some whole almonds and sliced almonds and the afore mentioned red onions. Now to come up with a recipe for that little lot!!

I love a challenge. Happy days. 

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