Birthday celebrations

We had our first celebration in Barbados, as yesterday was Tim’s 50th birthday. We’re enjoying a mini-vacation (vacation within a vacation for me – such fun) and have been away for four nights. The first two nights were at the Atlantis Hotel in Bathsheba and the last two spent at the Crane Resort. As it’s out of season neither is too busy which makes for a really relaxing break. 

Yesterday we kicked off the day with vintage champagne on the balcony, followed by a chillaxed morning on the beach. We broke the rule of no alcohol during the day and Tim had a cocktail with his lunch. Actually I think we’d already broken that rule before 9am! Spent the afternoon by one of the pools and whilst it was relaxing for a while the peace was broken by a group of kids diving off the infinity pool in to the one below; despite the ‘No Diving’ and ‘No Jumping’ signs. Totally unsupervised and despite one of the resort employees asking them not to do it (twice!) they continued as soon as she left. 

We had dinner booked at L’Azure, one of the fine dining restaurants at the resort, and the food was very good. I had the tuna tartare to start and Tim opted for the scallop. Mine was very good fish although under seasoned and could have done with a zing of chilli, but I know not everybody wants spicy food. Tim’s were a little on the chewy side. Fish, especially when not fished locally, can be hit and miss over here. The mains were excellent. I opted for the tandoori shrimp with veggies and red quinoa. Fantastic! Tim had the surf and turf; a 6oz tenderloin (fillet to you and I!) and lobster tail cooked in tarragon butter and served with a smoked Gouda gratinated ground provisions. It was wonderful. Now, I had to look up ‘ground provisions’ as it wasn’t something I’d come across before. It’s essentially food that comes from the ground and includes: Yam, Sweet potato, eddoes, dasheen, taro, tania, cassava, breadfruit, plantain, moko and green fig (banana). They are cooked in the same ways that we cook potatoes in the UK, and in this instance sliced and gratinated. It makes for a very different flavour and texture than just the humble potato and something that I’ll try when I’m feeling a little adventurous with my cooking and can get a decent selection of ground provisions! You learn something new every day. Dessert was a chocolate birthday cake that I had pre-ordered and was brought to the table by the waiting staff to a chorus of happy birthday. 

All in all a lovely day. Today we head home, but I feel that there is still more celebrating to be done. Watch this space!

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