Kicking off the shoes….

Here we go! My first venture in to blogging. This is where I kick off the shoes and go Barefoot in Barbados. 

Having moved away from the corporate world and returned from Canada back to the UK, I’m exploring new hobbies that will make use of my transferable skills. I’ve been doing some writing for a new food website and enjoyed it so much that I decided to set up my own blog, Facebook and all the other social media add ons. 

I’ll be moving to Barbados later in 2016 to join my boyfriend who has a work contract out here. How to fill my time? After 27 years in the insurance industry and corporate world I am so enjoying breaking free of the shackles and venturing in to the unknown. My first project is Barefoot in Barbados where I hope to record my experiences in this new and amazing country. 

I’m writing this first post from the balcony of a cottage at the Atlantis Hotel in Bathsheba, Barbados. I’m on vacation in Barbados for 3 weeks and am using some of the time to prepare for my move here in November. How lucky am I to be typing this whilst looking at the ocean and listening to the crashing waves? Very lucky, I would say, and I know it.

Other means of recording my ventures are as follows and I hope you get some enjoyment from joining me on my adventure and maybe getting to experience some of the things first hand, if you are ever lucky enough to visit this spectacular island.

So my journey begins, and I find myself ‘Barefoot in Barbados’

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @barefootinbados

One thought on “Kicking off the shoes….

  1. Looking forward to living vicariously through you during this new chapter. Love that you are a foodie and will pass on what you pick up. All the best to you and Tim.


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